Effective consulting is transformative, it promotes growth by leveraging talent, creating efficiency and discovering new opportunities. At David Carruthers Consulting Limited (DCCL) our extensive global experience, established in some of the most complex markets in the world, can provide you with everything you need to: establish a clear strategy, rationalize your operations or allow you to expand into new unknown territories and seek out and acquire that synergistic target.

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At David Carruthers Consulting Limited (DCCL) we deliver bespoke consultancy services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

DCCL is a known and respected international business consultancy specialising in the iGaming sector. Our founder David Carruthers is a legend and a well known successful pioneer of the iGaming industry. We have a track record of successfully leading businesses to achieve sustained periods of growth, successfully navigate change, manage and overcome adversity and maximise shareholder value.

We are perfectly positioned to provide a range of consultancy services tailored to your business needs or individual requirements. We can unlock the solution to your business problem or enhance your project’s potential by providing independent feedback, ideas and advice. We can also assist in the development and execution of M&A advisory, business strategy, international marketing, operations support, change management, crisis management, motivational events and executive team mentoring.

In the early 2000s, as CEO of a leading online gaming company, David Carruthers transformed the organisation from a privately held, family-run business into a London AIM Market listed plc. Having built a strong and capable management team and substantive new operations infrastructures in Central America, The Caribbean, Europe and Asia, David evolved the business into an industry leader using a combination of deft commercial expansion, targeted merger and acquisition, innovative marketing and astute application of new media to deliver outstanding performance.

As an iGaming CEO David earned a reputation as a proficient and engaging communicator having passionately and openly campaigned for (now a reality) independent oversight, consumer protection and government regulation of the online gambling industry in the USA. He made numerous appearances in the media and as a panellist and keynote speaker for the online gambling industry in a range of worldwide events.

Since launching DCCL we have provided consultancy services to a range of clients located in Europe, China and South East Asia, across a variety of sectors including Interactive Software Development, iGaming & Leisure, Music & New Media, International High Fashion Retail (online and offline) and International Marketing & Brand Management.


A short set of core values that we believe are fundamental to the development of successful, reputable and enduring businesses partnerships govern the DCCL approach to business and client relations.


Progressively evolving to meet the ever-changing landscape of the modern world, actively seeking out new challenges and experiences, daring to venture into new territories, and identifying and following growth opportunities in interesting and emerging markets.


Being open and honest in all aspects of life and business, engendering trust through clear communication and consistent behavior, and ensuring all decisions are taken in the best interests of all stakeholders.


Thriving on the demands and challenges presented by everyday business operations, encouraging collaboration and involvement with exciting, successful enterprises and helping individuals, teams and businesses to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams.


Ensuring careful evaluation and development of the optimum solution or strategy for our client’s business or project, always providing a balanced perspective based upon personal experience and the valued opinions of others.p>


We offer our clients dedicated personal involvement in every project to develop a long lasting and successful business partnership. The needs of one client will invariably differ from another, however, one very important requirement will remain consistent for all clients: the expectation that their business is truly valued by those they put their trust in. We are committed to meeting that expectation and repaying the faith clients place in us. Together, we shall develop solutions and drive your business or project forward enabling it to not only achieve, but to surpass its goals and objectives.

Our primary areas of expertise and consultancy practice are:

Investment M&A Advisory

DCCL is a specialist Investment and M&A Advisory business for the global licensed and regulated iGaming sector. With the unparalleled experience of Asia Gaming Brief Gaming Industry Hall of Fame member David Carruthers to call upon and a truly global network, we will focus on identifying suitable M&A targets, negotiations, market access opportunities, sources of finance and strategic partnerships.

Leveraging from direct operational experience on both the B2C and B2B channels of the sector, along with a track record of success covering IPO, start-ups and bringing businesses together, DCCL taps into its extensive international network, experience, and knowledge, to deliver:

Deal Sourcing: B2B and B2C companies, public and private with a focus on FinTech, e-commerce, set up of acquiring entities, design of corporate structures, investment target analysis and valuation.

Bidding Processes: guide you through and facilitate in the preparation of KYC and financing options, assist in drafting key documents such as Indicative Non-Binding Offer, Term Sheets, Sales and Purchase Agreement etc.

Deal Execution and Completion: due diligence, risk management, asset transfer including IP, license, database, properties, talents etc.

Portfolio Management: business transition and integration post deal completion to help build, develop and achieve satisfactory business synergies and growth.

Business Strategy Change Management

A sound business strategy is a fundamental requirement for success. We support our clients in defining and assisting in the implementation of strategies that will enable their business to successfully navigate change, achieve sustainable competitive advantage and outperform the competition.

Change management is a complex topic that touches every part of an organisation. Managing change requires careful consideration of your objectives and desired outcome. As well as looking into the approach and rationale governing how you operate, we can help you develop strategies to achieve successful change and free up your key people to focus on driving business operations forward.

Operational Support International Management E-Commerce

The phrase ‘we do it like this because we always have’ is often a nail in the coffin of a business or a business process. Operations often need a refresh or a new approach to overcome long-standing issues and avoid falling behind the competition. We can assist in identifying the root cause of seemingly unshakeable yet critical problems and introducing new practices to improve results.

We operate in a truly global economy and we should not underestimate the importance of cultural awareness; it can be the one missing element that is inhibiting your international marketing efforts. We bring a wealth of international business experience and an understanding of the cultural dynamic needed to deliver effective international campaigns.

One of today’s biggest challenges for many businesses is how to integrate e- commerce with traditional commerce. Successful integration of the two can create real value and positively impact revenue. Often the first task is to negate internal competition that may exist between each channel and harness best practice from each everyone. Bringing independent external advocacy and discussion can assist in achieving efficient cross-channel teamwork.


Many organisations introduce a tailored mentoring program to support personal development and to motivate the executive management team. Personal development initiatives can help deliver sustained change across your business and directly lead to enhance performance in your workforce and the business as a whole.

A combination of business and life experiences has given the team at DCCL a unique perspective on the world. Whether speaking to individuals, small or large groups, we will share our perspective, aiming to inspire and excite the audience.

Our founder’s personal story is one that will capture the imagination and demonstrate the heart, tenacity and resilience required to succeed in life and business. It is a tale about facing adversity and crisis, and emerging stronger for it. Allow us to share learning from our many experiences and we will help equip your team to face and navigate the unexpected. We never know when hard times may come, but we can prepare and practice for their arrival.

DCCL Founder David Carruthers - CV


David is a successful and experienced UK plc CEO and an entrepreneur. He is both a leader and a team player able to confidently guide others through periods of uncertainty and change, with boundless energy, self-discipline and a sense of humour.


Founded DCCL – a strategic management services consultancy, to help businesses and entrepreneurs prosper from bespoke professional consultancy services.

Co-founded Phoenicia International Trading Limited – a high-end high fashion retail operation and brand management business operating across China.

Launched online multi brand high fashion offering. www.odenn.com with sourced product from over 75 brands showing at London and Paris fashion weeks. Opened an ODENN flag-ship retail store in Shanghai.

Launched the Kat Maconie ladies fashion shoe brand in China opening retail shoe stores in Beijing (2), Shanghai (1), Chengdu (2) Shenyang (1) and Hong Kong (1).

Established Kat Maconie ladies fashion shoe production in Guangdong China and Established a business HQ for Phoenicia International Trading Limited in Guangzhou, China.

As CEO, spearheaded the growth and corporate development of BETonSPORTS plc from a family-run private business to a successful public listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market. The flotation and subsequent placements raised over $150 million ($50 new money).

Completed a series of successful business acquisitions in Asia and Central America for BETonSPORTS plc.

Delivered lectures and courses to graduates and postgraduates at Wolverhampton University Business School.

Consistently delivered increased profitability, growth, successful change management, project management, business development, and people development during nearly a quarter of a century at Ladbrokes PLC.


Mandarin Learning Centre, Cultural University, Taipei, Taiwan. Chinese Language Studies Level 2, 2016.

University of Wolverhampton Business School. Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), 1995.


Running, Wine, Travel and Cooking.

Wine, travel and cooking are fun but David loves to run, he has said ‘running is my salvation. When you are on the cliff edge, exhausted and frightened, that is when you need to dig deep and refocus on what it takes to be great again. Running empowers me with the resilience and fight to succeed’.

In his late 40s David stepped on to a treadmill for the first time in over 35 years. That seed germinated and grew from there. He ran for a team and I ran as an individual. David had new goals and a new passion that ultimately influenced his personal and professional decision making for the better. He ran and ran and ran and David’s times improved and continually surpassed his goals. He ran 2:59:23 for a marathon at the age of 55 and ran a mile in just 4:58 age 52. Running has had an enormously positive impact on his life, it changed David forever and helped make him the person he is today.


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